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800 X 600 MM

Contact us for for your plastic pallet needs. Whether your needs are for long life heavy duty reusable plastic pallets for closed loop systems, lightweight plastic pallets for export or one way use, or non- standard sized pallets. Custom made plastic pallets can also be made to your requirements. Logos and sequential numbering are available. Following the links below introduces some of the main pallet options (- other options are available):

800 x 600 mm Flow Through Pallets
Flow Through Pallets
800 x 600 mm Lightweight Pallets
Lightweight Pallets
800 x 600 mm Display Pallets
Display Pallets
800 x 600 mm Closed Deck Pallets
Closed Deck Pallets
800 x 600 mm Combination Pallet Collar Frames
Combination Pallet Collar Frames